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All our products are safe and allergy-free.

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Self-service wash stations for all pet types.

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Healthy treats and pet toys available in store.
About Immaculate Paws

How We Make Washing Your Pets Easy & Fun...

Fully Self-Service Washing Stations

Our washing stations are state of the art, that includes all the essentials: shampoo, conditioner, flea-tick solution, blow dryer and tub disinfectant.

Healthy Treats Dispenser

Treat your pets with healthy yummy snacks using our fully automated wall mounted automated retail machine.

Online Delivery Services

Specially sourced pet products that are delivered to your home. Coming Soon!
Self-service Wash Stations

How we make washing your pets easy...

State-of-the-art self-service dog wash stations. Make cleaning your pets as easy as ever! No mess, no fuss, just happy clean paws!
Allergy Free Products
Affordable & Convenient
100% Plant Based
Safe & Secure
All Tools Provided
Years Experience
what we’re offering

Providing The Highest Quality Services & Products For Your Pets


Our self-service washing stations are easy to use and affordable. No need to break your back washing your pets at home.


All our treats are healthy, delicious, and safe for your pets. They are easily accessible via our in-store wall-mounted vending machine. Conveniently reward your pets!


We provide all the tools to keep your pets looking and smelling fresh. All tools are disinfected and cleaned to ensure the outmost safety.


We sell unique pet accessories ranging from specially formulated pet colognes, stylish bandanas and super absorbent towels.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

We are currently open Monday through Sunday from 8am to 8pm. 

Do you allow walk-ins?

Yes, we currently only have walk-ins. 

What are your prices and what does it include?

We charge $17.99 for 15 minutes. It includes the shampoo, conditioner, anti-flea & tick solution and blow drying. You are able to pause and stop the timer for as often as you want. 

Are your wash products safe?

Absolutely! All our products we use are specially formulated to be allergy-free and plant based. They are safe for your fur babies as well as the environment.

Do you provide grooming services?

Yes, we offer a bookable Basic Grooming Service where we will wash your pet for you.


Now Launched!
Starting at $35

Wash your pets on your schedule.
Unlimited Washes For All Membership Holders!
Our Loyal Customers
Based on 20 reviews
Very convenient! Our first time going and we enjoyed our experience. Nice lady showed us how to use it and we had extra time left over, even though we really dig in. Will come back again! And might do the membership!!!! 🐶❤️
Riley Loesel
This place wouldn't show up on google but i found it on yelp. Hands down the best self serve pet wash, I've ever been to. It is very nice and very clean. They have everything you could ever want to clean your pet. And the lady working was super nice and helpful. Will be back.
Joe Andrade
Super awesome business. Would recommend if you're looking for top notch pet/dog grooming service, or you want to quick,clean self service wash for your pet.
Jennifer Penunuri
Loved this place! It was so easy & convenient. Super clean, very friendly & helpful employees they even provide everything you need to get the job done. Will definitely be returning!
Mona Safadi
Clean and easy! Owners are nice and helpful. Cool place - cool concept!
Alyssa Garza
Great wash for my dog. Everything was clean and so easy to work with. My dog smells amazing and he looks so soft and fluffy 10/10
Based on 53 reviews
Larry P.
Extremely clean facilities and the ability to sanitize the washing area before beginning the wash process helps reduce the potential for unknowingly exposing your dog to parasites. The attendant was very polite and helpful, and checked with me from time to time. At first, I thought the 15 minute cycle wouldn't be enough to wash a medium sized dog, but if you follow the instructions and pause between cycles, 15 minutes is plenty of time to wash your dog. The wash and conditioner supplies are made from plant based products. My dog had no negative effects from the wash supplies and I absolutely love that towels and grooming tools are made available and are part of the package. Some folks will likely be turned away by the $17.99 price per wash cycle. But at the end of the day, I have the confidence that I used quality products, the potential for parasites is greatly reduced, I don't have to use my towels and the place is super clean. My dog is an Aussie Doodle, so although she doesn't shed much, her hair traps water like a sponge making those free towels invaluable. They also have a separate blower for finishing up any drying. You could spent less, and I've checked them out, but in the end there's water and hair everywhere and the products are sometimes exhausted. My dog is worth any extra cost. She looks beautiful after her bath and I get compliments all the time.
Kay C.
This location is excellent for apartment dwellers who prefer to groom their pets at home. However, it's worth noting that there are a limited number of wash stations, so there may be a wait during busy times. They provide all the necessary supplies for your pet's bath, but you can also bring your own. I highly recommend this place!
Erin L.
$17.99 for 15 minutes of rinsing/shampoo/conditioner and drying. You can pause the timer to give a good scrub. There's even a flea shampoo option. If your pet isn't dry enough he also has another high speed dryer free of charge after your initial time is up at the wash station. Towels and brushes even aprons are free to use. I love it here, I'll come again for every bath time from now on. Saved my back immensely. Also the station is low enough to the ground my 90lb shepherd/husky mix easily hopped into the station without my help. Amazing!!
Anna V.
We went for the first time last week and it was so easy and convenient. Connie was so helpful and made the whole experience go smoothly and explained everything to us to help get our sweet dog clean! It wasn't crowded - just one dog getting groomed when we were there. It was stress free. I like how they offer grooming services or you can do it yourself. They have extra dryer and towels and even provide brushes and aprons. Our dog was so happy and we were so happy with this experience. We will definitely be back. Thank you to Immaculate Paws and Connie!
Michelle M.
5 Stars for the customer service alone! I went in this morning with my Aussie! She showed me how to use the machine and checked up on me to make sure everything was good! Place was super clean!
Ronald R.
Easy and quick very polite people! Heading there today with my German Shepherd. Next trip I will bring my French Bull dog!
Abby B.
This is the second time I have taken my dog to this location. Immaculate Paws is so clean, organized, and overall a great place to take your dog for a bath. They definitely have my business going forward and I should just get the membership because it's a great deal.
Lorena L.
Only reason I give them a 3 star is because the machine had no hot water. The attendant said it had been a busy morning and the hot water had ran out. Obviously they need a bigger and better water heater. Aside from that, the wait was not too long and the establishment was kept clean. Next time I'll go early.
Christine R.
Love this place! Wish I'd taken a before and after of my mother's 80-pound German Shepherd. We came in and he was sad and lowly from his skin allergies. Fortunately they had all the tools there for me to do a nice deshedding treatment, coat condition and blow dry so he came out looking and smelling amazing. Love the convenience and the staff is very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend! I'll be back.
Jessica E.
Hello, I have been taking my dog here to get baths for a few months now. Recently, I just got another bestie...his name is Arlo. He is an 80 lb puppy and 9 months old. Connie is always super sweet and helpful, but recently she went above and beyond to help me. My good boy Arlo, born into a shelter and just beginning his new found life panicked when I brought him in! He literally leaped out of his harness and was about to book it to the door. Connie was already headed that way to close the door, but in my panic I shouted CLOSE THE DOOR! My goodness this women did the Matrix getting that door shut as I jumped on top of my puppy. This dog runs fast! If she didn't react so quickly, we would have been in big trouble! Needless to say we got a new harness, and he did get his bath of course. I really, really have always appreciated the kindness and quality from this establishment. I care a lot about my animals. They are like family. To have people like Connie and her family care as much about animals EVERYTIME I come in melts my heart. They really care about your pets and you as a customer. I wouldn't go anywhere else! This place provides all the supplies you will ever need, the owners are awesome, the price is right...I could not recommend it enough.
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