How To Begin Your Wash


 Pay to start: Payment is simple. Touch, insert, or swipe your card to add 15 minutes of time to your clock. 


Secure pet in tub: With anti slip floors, all you have to do is secure your pup to the tub with it's collar to the chains located on either side of the tub and enjoy your bath time​.


Make a selection to wash your dog: Touch the Shampoo selection and follow the instructions. You can skip back and forth between steps as much as you want and you can also stop as many times as you need and it won't use up your time.


Press button on top of gun to commence washing: When you use the water gun press down on the button until it clicks, the water and products will stay on without needing to hold it down.

Recommended Wash Order

1. Shampoo

Work through coat by hand (1 - 4 minutes)

2. Rinse Water

Rinse Water (1 - 2 minutes)

3. Conditioner

Apply for a healthy coat (1 -2 minutes) before rinse

4. Anti-Flea/Tick Shampoo

Apply and leave in coat for 30 seconds before rinse

5. Blow Dry Low/High

Use low or high setting blow dryer as required

6. Disinfect Tub

Remove pet and spray tub for 30 seconds
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